Clarioty has brought together industry leaders in enterprise-grade remote access, IIoT, device security, connectivity, data collection, data analytics, reporting and decision support. The Clarioty cloud tool-kit enables System Integrators to quickly and efficiently assimilate data for information-driven customers who want to optimize decision making skills and create a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace.


Remote Access, Security & IoT Infrastructure Partner

TOSIBOX® is the world's first and only self-creating and self-securing IoT infrastructure device which lets you forget about data security and connections. With TOSIBOX you will save time and money, and be able to concentrate on what’s most important – your business.

Learn more at tosibox.com/integrators


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Database & Historian

The Canary is among an elite handful of world-class process data historian software, visualization software software companies. 

Founded in 1985 with a focus to develop solutions from the end user’s perspective, they have achieved more than 17,000 installations in 49 countries. Our clients represent private, public, and government entities in all major industries.




Dashboards, Data Visualization & Reporting

Axiom makes it simple to view your operations. Still the most advanced trending tool on the market, but now easier than ever to build custom dashboards. Redesigned for use on any device. Axiom is the best visualization tool we've ever created.

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Protocol Conversions

Connect, convert, access, and control your industrial data with software solutions from Kepware.

learn more at www.kepware.com/en-us/